About Us

Me, trying a natural portrait

Hi! I am Anushk Mittal, an 18 year old developer and entrepreneur with a passion to solve problems by learning new things. I believe that in the times when the world around us is filled with negativity and with so much stress, a productivity booster is in order to take a moment and have fun reflecting back on our life. Earlier this year, during my time at Georgia Tech as a freshman, I often felt myself escaping to the world of relatable and dank memes to relax and have fun after a stressful day of classes. Memeois was founded to harness this perfect funny ingredient, memes, and make it accessible for all.

Our mission remains to build a network, a platform, which is intuitive enough to not think much about but yet comprehensively packs solutions to create the perfect meme-ing experience. The web architecture has been designed and managed by Joshua Wang, my friend and an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech

Starting from ground up, we realized that an easy browsing experience is necessary and currently not possible with all those ads. and other “distractive” non-meme posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc… Reddit offers an organized way to browse but not without the hassle links. Memeois brings it to the most simplistic form with an intuitive feed making it easy to discover new memes through category for browse your top recommendations.

Memes are no fun without friends. Although, current platforms do allow sharing of posts or tweets, they don’t come inexpensive but with the hassle of privacy issues, tagging, and unwanted notifications bombarded at you. Memeois simplifies it all with built in sharing through your Book that showcases your favorite memes and integrated sharing with other social media platforms to connect with your friends in all possible ways.

Merriam-Webster describes a meme as “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture”. By the definition, there needs to be an easy way of modifying memes on the fly, and creating new memes but it’s nearly impossible without getting a template and having at least intermediate photo editing skills. Memeois strives to revolutionize the way memes and created and modified today through it’s intuitive quick templates and easy professional tools for modifying the text of existing memes

Memeois is a meme lovers heaven, and is designed to be your go-to place for anything related to memes. The app is updated frequently and provides a 24×7 support to all of it’s users.