Our Story

Hey 👋, I am Anushk Mittal, an 18 year old developer and entrepreneur studying CS at Georgia Institute of Technology. With a passion to solve challenges and a desire to give back to the community, I was inspired to start Memeois during my freshman year at Georgia Tech. As a college freshman, I often felt escaping to the world of relatable memes to relax and have fun after a stressful day of classes. I believe that memes are a great way to communicate freely with one another giving away most societal inhibitions while also expressing our thoughts and feelings in a multi-modal manner. Especially in today’s world when there’s so much negativity and stress, we need to step back and relax occasionally to admire the world around us and have fun reflecting back on our wonderful life. Inspired by memes and their resourcefulness in our lives, Memeois has one mission: to create an accessible all meme platform, a network, where even people can discover and experience the magic of memes and share it with everyone.

If you’ve been into memes then you’re probably a part of several Facebook meme Groups or active in various subreddits.. But who wants to open so many Reddit posts in different tabs or use Facebook to see all those non-meme posts..? Memeois brings it to the most simplistic form with an intuitive AI feed making that brings to you the latest memes that are recommended for you, based on your browsing pattern.

Memes are no fun without friends. Nobody likes those annoying notifications that start coming when you tag a friend in a meme! Do you like your message thread full of memes or links to memes? To answer the rhetoric, Memeois solves it all for you. You can not only share just the image and caption through all social media channels but can even AirDrop or copy memes to the clipboard!

Merriam-Webster describes a meme as “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture”. Creating or modifying memes shouldn’t be tough and shouldn’t require special software. Memeois offers an in-built meme generator to create new memes from templates or modify existing ones to showcase your creativity with the World!

The fun shouldn’t stop at just iOS. We’re working hard to bring the Memeois platform on the web and amazing new product so you can experience memes through Wi-Fi speakers, TV, messaging and so much more.

We hope that the Memeois platform will bring closer the community that’s seeking to find happiness in their life.


IN PROGRESS. For up-to-date details, please contact hello@memeois.com